The map below indicates how many tagged dolphin were recovered during 2002. Please allow the image sufficient time to load. Scroll down to view.
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Recaptured by "Propagator" off Oregon Inlet, NC on 6/21/02 after traveling approximately 390 miles in 35 days.
Tagged 5/17/02 off Charleston, SC by D. Lee aboard Emotional Rescue.
Recaptured 6/24/02 off Beaufort, NC after traveling approximately 206 miles in 30 days.
Tagged 5/25/02 off Charleston, SC by M. Able aboard Petrel IV.
Recaptured 6/13/02 off Jekyll Island, GA after traveling approximately 186 miles in 19 days.
Tagged 5/26/02 off Cape Canaveral, FL by S. Goodwin aboard Fish Trap.
Recaptured 6/3/02 off Cape Canaveral, FL after traveling approximately 48 miles in 2 days.
Tagged 6/1/02 off Sebastian Inlet, FL by K. Wiseman aboard Xcess.
Recaptured 7/13/02 off Jupiter Inlet, FL after traveling approximately 15 miles the same day.
Tagged 7/13/02 off Palm Beach, FL by K. Kahl aboard Partner.
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Recaptured by Capt. A. Bracher aboard "Pelican" off Oregon Inlet, NC on 6/12/02 after 35 days.
Tagged 5/25/02 off Edisto Beach, SC by B. McCoy aboard Mac Attack.
Recaptured by M. Zydron off Norfolk Canyon, VA on 8/11/02 after traveling approximately 464 miles in 78 days.
Tagged 5/25/02 off Edisto Beach, SC by D. Hammond aboard "2 By C".
Tagged 7/6/02 approx. 40 miles SE of Charleston by K. O'neale aboard In 2 Deep.
Recaptured by Marc Mitchum aboard Trophy Hunter approx 35 miles SE of Oregon Inlet NC after 48 days and traveling 285 miles.
Tagged 5/25/02 off Edisto Beach, SC by D. Hammond, SCDNR, aboard "2 by C.".
Recaptured by Capt. G. O'Neill, 70 nm S of Providence, RI on 10/24/02 after traveling 618 nm in 152 days.
Tagged 5/17/02 S.E. of Charleston, SC by SCDNR aboard "RV Palmetto."
Recaptured 5/17/02 by J. Juntunen aboard "Dakota" E. of the release site after traveling 37 nm the same day.
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